Busy Brides On the Go Can Now Demand Gifts Via Apple Watch

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It’s only been a few days since the Apple Watch was released, but there’s already an app designed to make life easier for couples putting together their registry. Meet Zola, an exciting new way to ask your friends and family for that set of candlesticks you’ve always wanted or those 14k gold plates everyone’s just dying to buy you.


Town and Country reports that a) gold plates are a thing and b) Zola, an app that lets you plan and track your registry is now available for the Apple Watch. It allows you to track who got you what gift, sending immediate notifications to your watch. By helping you to obsessively monitor who’s ponied up and bought you shit, Zola makes it basically impossible for anyone to sneak through your wedding and eat free food without paying a hefty fee by way of a lamp or stainless steel avocado scooper with your name on it.

From Town and Country:

“Engaged couples registered on Zola are tech savvy, lead busy lives, and the large majority of them use Zola via the iPhone app,” said Zola CEO and Co-Founder Shan-Lyn Ma. “The launch of the Apple Watch app builds upon Zola’s commitment to re-inventing the wedding registry to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s always-connected couple.”

How can you reinvent asking people for gifts? As someone who is very into the idea of people providing me with useless artifacts for the pleasure of enjoying an afternoon spent celebrating my love, I am always up for creating a registry. I just don’t know if anyone is so on-the-go that they need to use the app from their watch as opposed to their phone or computer. I’d say that the point here is not to track your gifts but to show off to your bridesmaids that you have an Apple Watch. Guess what? You’re already costing them a bunch of time and money, and as much as they may love you, they probably don’t want to hear about how you’re buying a hot new expensive gadget.

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If the app lets you track the full (legible) names of who gave you what and their current contact information, I might be on board — anything to make it easier to send thank-you notes!

As an engaged person, I’ve discovered that people will get you an awesome gift, put some chicken-scratch on the card and drop it off at your future in-laws’, so that by the time you pick up the lovely gift, the card is separated from the bag/box, the in-laws have long since forgotten who dropped the thing off, and you can’t express your gratitude.

Right now, I’ve got a $100 bill in a card signed from what looks like “Butslm and An~gh>” (?) and a gorgeous tea set from no-name. I’m already getting hives thinking about all the no-name/scribble cards I’m going to get from wedding guests and how I’ll lose sleep about them hating me because I couldn’t send them a thank you card.

If an app sent me a notification, “Hey, Jane Doe sent you a blender,” I could go home and shoot off a thank you card immediately.