Bullied Teen Designs Dress, Wins Prom Queen, Creates BET Awards Couture

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for Kyemah McEntyre, a recent high school grad who’s got dreams of designing high fashion. She’s gone from being a bullied teen who’s always been called “ugly and angry,” to prom queen, to a red carpet couture designer in less than a month. And it’s only the beginning.

McEntyre, who blew up the internet with her homemade African-inspired prom dress, couldn’t have been more surprised when she was contacted by actress Naturi Naughton and asked to design Naughton’s dress for The BET awards. McEntyre was excited, but there was just one tiny problem.

From Necole Bitchie:

Naturi contacted me through e-mail, and we talked over the phone about her ideal dress. She explained to me that she wanted to connect with her African roots as well. I explained to her that my prom dress was my first design ever and that her design would be my second. So, of course, I asked her to bare with me. Naturi and her beautiful soul welcomed me despite my experience with Fashion Designing. She wanted to shed light on young people from her community [East Orange, New Jersey] and that she did. I enlisted a local seamstress by the name of Markell Mockabee, who brought my design to life.


As much as I’d like to hate on a new designer to show them that the world is a difficult place in which living your dreams is a near-impossibility, there’s no question that this gorgeous dress took a lot of talent to create.

McEntyre says that nothing can stop her now. The high school grad told Necole Betchie that she wants t0 be the voice of a generation and inspire other young women to follow their dreams and embrace their identities. This seems like an excellent start.

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This is awesome, good for Kyemah! Naturi was glowing in this.