Bryce Dallas Howard Will Not Be Running in Heels in Jurassic World 2

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This summer, Jurassic World enraged shoe-wearers nationwide after it depicted Bryce Dallas Howard’s type-A character running away from loose, cranky dinosaurs in stilettos.

“Claire goes out into the jungle and her white clothes get muddy and ripped up and she gets bruised and sweaty—but girlfriend does not take off her heels!” Howard said in an interview with the Western Daily Press.

In a recent interview with Collider, the actor confirmed that she was equally annoyed with the shoe choice, and that they would not be making a return in the sequel, which you likely didn’t even know was a thing that was happening.


“My most superficial feelings were that it was really hard running in heels...and I’m like, people are acknowledging it! It stood out to them because it stood out to me too! It was crazy,” she said.

But in terms of the controversy: “That is something I didn’t expect at all, because of course it’s illogical for her to be in heels in the jungle, she never intended to go in the jungle and if she were in flats that would be a cheat... Claire never thought she would be traipsing through the jungle, let alone outrunning a T-Rex. Here’s what I will say. The way that Colin told me that the sequel was happening when it got greenlit, and I that I was gonna be in it, he texted me #NoHeels2018. And I was like yeah, boy!”

Let’s all take a long drag of a cigarette in celebration of feminism’s tiny, tiny victories.

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