Bruce Willis and Demi Moore Are Having a Lovely Quarantime

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Screenshot: Instagram

As Americans, it’s our god-given right to quarantine with whomever we want. If exes Bruce Willis and Demi Moore want to isolate together with their three adult daughters and their partners, so be it!


But if they’re going to keep posting whimsical photos of themselves in matching pajamas and posing with individual copies of How to Rule the World From Your Couch, it forces me to ask some questions. Such as: Why isn’t Willis quarantining with his current wife of 11 years, Emma Heming, and their 8- and 5-year-old daughters?

Heming seems to be supportive of Willis’s decision to spend his quarantime with Moore and their kids, posting comments like “love and miss you guys” while the group poses with enormous silverware without her.

Then again, the most recent post to her own account was from her and Willis’s anniversary on March 21; a throwback photo of them on a ride at a theme park...or is it a roller coaster? What could it mean? [People]

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I’m very encouraged by stories of exes with kids who manage to get along - move ahead with their own lives - while still understanding that their connection with their ex, if they have children, won’t ever go away. I think very highly of those who can deal with that and do what’s best for the “family” unit even if that looks strange to others and even if it means compromise and sometimes resentment to be negotiated.