Broom Broom: Time Flies When You're in Your Mum's Car

It’s been two whole years since Tish Simmons sat in her mum’s car and was asked to get out of it. Things have changed, yes, but Tish is eternal.

Where were you when “broom broom” happened? At school? At work? Close enough to Tish in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire that you could taste the exhaust of her mum’s car, the very car that Tish was not supposed to be in? (We love firsthand stories here at Jezebel, so please share yours in the comments.)


Tish, still around, marked the momentous anniversary with a tweet:

And, naturally, a Vine:


I reached out to ask Tish how her life has changed in the past two years:


She fav’d, but did not reply.

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