Well, look like some someones have hit the big leagues: Nell Scovell has penned a brief ode to Broad City's Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer for this month's issue of Vanity Fair and in the accompanying photo/video, the girls looks pre-TY glam.

In the video, the women preview the upcoming season of their show, which they say will have an episode about a heat wave in New York and another that features a character having minor surgery. Plus they have this exchange:

Ilana: I really wonder if like, Workaholics or It's Always Sunny or Key and Peele get asked – I wonder if Key and Peele get asked if they fight.

Abbi: I hope they do. I hope they do cause we do.

Ilana: But I bet not.

Abbi: I bet not too.