Broad City Is About to Get a Little Dark

Image via Comedy Central
Image via Comedy Central

Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson says the upcoming fourth season will reflect the world we live in where Donald Trump is both the boogeyman and our president.


In an interview with Elle during Sundance, Jacobson alluded to Trump’s presidency playing a role in future storylines. That means the show, which has always been extremely frank about women’s issues, might get a little dark. Jacobson tells Elle:

“We want to do a winter season—it’s pretty much always summer on the show. It’s happening at a good time too, because during the winter it tends to be a little more sad. I think we are going through an interesting time in our country starting from today, and I think the show will reflect that.” The result of the election shocked them, like it did many others, and Jacobson and [Ilana] Glazer had to rewrite some of the forthcoming season to reflect that.


It is definitely “interesting” and there’s a lot of depressing real-life material to build around. Jacobson says of their characters, “They’re not like political geniuses or anything—they’re figuring it out and how to become more politically evolved.” Maybe the circumstances will make the next season better than the last, which felt uneventful to me.

Broad City begins production on its fourth season in early February and airs in the summer. On Inauguration Day, Abbi and Ilana posted a short video, “Hack into Broad City,” in which they joke about surviving in Trump’s apocalyptic America, I Am Legend style. “Ilana and I talk a lot about making sure we are on the side of anyone that is disenfranchised,” says Jacobson. “It’s hard, we are still white girls making this show and the show has an opportunity to speak to more than that. We can’t help that, but we can try and tell other stories and be more inclusive.”

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Interesting, because I actually felt like a lot happened in the third season. Abbi realizing she actually liked Trey, and Ilana having to let go of Lincoln. I was pretty shocked by both plot points, I had expected everything to stay status quo like in most sitcoms. I’m also assuming that this isn’t the last of either dude in the show, so I’m interested to see how things progress.