A New Season of Broad City Is Coming in Hot Next Summer

Couple updates from Abbi and Ilana: Broad City is making its return in 2017 and Abbi hurt her neck.


There haven’t been new episodes of Broad City since April, a month that feels so long ago it’s shocking that it even happened. Since then, the creators have been busy with side projects, but early on Wednesday they posted an update about the fate of the show. Obviously, another season is coming, but when? After some preliminary flirting, Jacobson says, “We wanted to give you guys an update because we are still making the show!”

Ilana adds, “We’re coming in hard and raw in August, late summer,” which causes Abbi to wrench her poor injured head pedestal. Get this girl something to take the edge off so filming can start already. I want to see if they dealt with election stress by over-eating and making drastic hair changes like I did.

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