Brittany Murphy's Husband Blames Happy Feet 2 For Her Death

Today on Today, Brittany Murphy's husband Simon Monjack discussed the actress' mysterious death, claiming a reneged role in Happy Feet 2 is to blame, and not the "large amounts" of prescription medication that were found in their home.

Monjack—who also appeared with Brittany's mother Sharon Murphy—claimed that the offer for Happy Feet 2 was pulled by Warner Brothers because of rumors that Brittany had recently been fired from a film for difficult behavior. (It later came out that the difficult behavior was on the part of Monjack and his alleged drunkenness.) Monjack then warned Brad Pitt and "Matty" Damon to "really think about [their] friendship with Brittany" before signing on to do Happy Feet 2.

Monjack continued to go on about how Hollywood had turned against Brittany, which his mother-in-law Sharon didn't seem to agree with. He talked over her as she tried to refute his claims. She finally let out what seems like a frustrated sigh when Monjack ends his spiel with, "They have blood on their hands and I hope they wash them with very hot water."

Matt Lauer didn't find Monjack credible when he said that Brittany wasn't using any prescription drugs, and finally got him to admit that the late actress used painkillers and anti-depressants when dealing with her "menstrual time."


I used to work for a surveyor who had to hire a PI to find and contact Monjack so he could sue him to be paid for services rendered. Every time the media mentioned his name, I remembered how slimey he was. Glad to see nothing's changed.