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Britney Spears has made so many comebacks, but this most recent one is my favorite by far. She won us over with her crazy Instagram feed, kept us coming back with new accessible pop hits, and now she’s letting us enjoy all her past dramas, difficulties, and breakdowns one more time.

Britney recently extended her Las Vegas show through February, and her new album Glory is due for release on Friday. We’re also threatened with her imminent appearance on Carpool Karaoke Thursday. Suffice to say, Britney’s back, and The Hollywood Reporter says the new Lifetime movie will focus on her resurgence as well as her darkest times:

The two-hour movie will follow Spears’ early career as a young girl from Louisiana and her relationship and breakup with Justin Timberlake as well as her personal struggles following her parents’ divorce. Also set to be examined are her marriages to Jason Alexander, Kevin Federline and her downfall that saw her lose custody of her sons before she rebuilt her career and proved herself to be a force in entertainment.

But who will play our fearless hero? Natasha Bassett of Hail Caesar!, who has a very cutesy unverified Instagram account:

Production begins in September and we should expect to see this glorious melodrama sometime in 2017. If you’re chomping at the bit, there’s also always Crossroads to tide you over: