Britney Spears Discovers Snapchat Filters

If you love Britney Spears’ Instagram account, you’re gonna adore what she does with Snapchat filters.

The above incomprehensible “true story” of being hot in Las Vegas is a Basic Britney delight. Below she explains that she’s “A little late on Snapchat... my kids showed me last week 😉 It’s great because it makes you feel pretty!”


Better late than never! We, as a society, need this right now. Happily, everyone in Britney Spears’ life is happy to be roped into the slow-cooking crockpot of social media genius that is her brain. Here are some more filtered posts with high pitch voices to enjoy:


Even her new boyfriend, Sam Asghari, who was featured in her “Slumber Party” video is given dog ears, though no filter can obscure his blinding hotness. As one of Brit’s followers writes, “I want to lick his teeth.” Same.

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