On the much-hyped (but terribly dull) MTV special—Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale—promoting her new album, the pop princess appeared tired and, frankly, over it, which is no surprise really to anyone who's been following what's gone on with her in the past four years or so. It's fine if she's phoning in her choreographed dance moves and completely unconcerned in being a sex symbol anymore (aversion to pants aside). She's been a superstar for more than half her life. Despite her canned affirmations, void of any emotion, to questions about whether she still wants to be a pop artist, there's an overt vapidity behind her eyes and in her speech that, a few years ago, came off as a lack of intelligence, but perhaps it's more indicative of a lack of interest in this path that was chosen for her at such a young age. One answer to a question last night was really telling: Sway asked her when she realized she was a creative person and Britney, on autopilot, told him when her mother realized she was a creative person.