Nate Silver, will you please get your bestie Dumbledore on the line? Or at least send an owl to Clortho? We've got a teen witch on our hands and it's not Robyn Lively, so take that! (sorry)

Sophia McCrimmon, a student at Chickahominy Middle School in Mechanicsville, Va., called an Obama win weeks before the first Presidential debate. On Sept. 14, the eighth-grader entered her prediction into the In the Loop Presidential Election Contest. Winners would be the first 10 entrants to predict the electoral vote and the first 10 to guess the new (old) president's popular-vote percentage.

"I figured Obama was going to win every state he won in 2008 except for North Carolina and Indiana," McCrimmon explained in an e-mail to the Washington Post.

Then, she just kicked back and waited for her gold doubloons to flow in. Turns out McCrimmon got it one hundred percent correct, right down to the 332 electoral votes. Girl is in some mighty fine company with one Mr. Nate Silver*, wouldn't you say? Or, since she correctly guessed so early, maybe it's better to say that Silver is the one who's in some mighty fine company with her?


Side note, I would kill to see Karl Rove talk to this eighth-grader about numbers, math, and facts. I just really want to see him get schooled by a teenage girl โ€” one who was able to read the obvious writing on the wall. (To be fair, on the same wall, Rove just saw a bunch of Satanic verses and some Arby's coupons.) Hey, it might've saved him and his idiot crew a few million, even? Poor Republican pundits and their very poor math, logic, people, and human being skills.

*And also with numbers, math, and facts.

Political prognostication? It's kid stuff. [Washington Post]