Bridget's Sexiest Beaches Aims To Be Educational

Bridget left Girls Next Door to host a show on the Travel Channel. During this episode in Jamaica, she asked someone what "Rasta" means. She thought he was joking about the whole "no pork" thing.

When her tour guide told her that "Rasta" is all about positivity, and not dreadlocks, Bridget, who was bedecked in red, yellow, and green, said that she's definitely a Rasta then. The tour guide reminded her that this means that she can't eat pork. For some reason, she laughed it off, as though he was puling her leg. When she figured out he was serious, you can see her mentally dismissing Rastafari as something she could jump on board with.



Can I also just say how dissapointed I am in our education system? No one knows shit any one else's religion. Seriously. You would think that people would AT LEAST know about Judaism in this country, but they don't even teach that. WTF.

We should have a class in high school entitled "World Religions"...and it should be mandatory.