Bridalplasty Surgeon Unsuccessfully Defends Himself On The View

Dr. Terry Dubrow, the man who will give one lucky bride-to-be her dream come true (free plastic surgery) appeared on The View today to defend his ethics as well as the reality show which brought them into question.

Dr. Dubrow says that he was chosen as the surgeon for Bridalplasty because he does "natural plastic surgery," a term that doesn't even make sense. He also defends the reality show by saying, "One of the criticisms about the show is that we're sending the wrong message. We're actually not sending any message."

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Look, I think this show's premise is ridiculous, but the surgeon definitely defended himself successfully. The women on the view are attacking him while completely disregarding the autonomy of these women because they hold their own preconceived notions about the evils of plastic surgery. IT'S THEIR BODY, THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT TO IT. This guy is not the problem, merely a symptom.

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