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Brave Blogger Tries "Pink Button" Genital Dye

Illustration for article titled Brave Blogger Tries Pink Button Genital Dye

We posted about the product which brings a "youthful" pink color to your labia; SJ, the blogger from I, Asshole actually tried it. Yes: She applied it to her ladybits. She writes:

Things were okay for a few seconds, and then…THE BURNING!

Well, eyebrow tweezing hurts, too, but we must suffer for beauty! What about the results?

Rinse it off I did, and did I notice a difference? I did not. I will confess to you I took before and after pictures for my own scrutiny.


SJ also tried it on her arm, to see if there was a noticeable color change, but found it "barely-perceptible." Her final verdict? "I would file this with magic creams that purport to take twenty years off: don't bother." The good news is, if you use My New Pink Button, you will not offend any visitors to your secret garden. SJ says, "I licked my arm before I rinsed it, and it tasted just like unsweetened Kool-Aid."

My New Scam [I, Asshole]
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Yes, whenever we have sex my husband is always like, "I wish your vagina was a little pinker. That would be so awesome. And you'd shave a few years off. No one wants to look at a haggered, non flushed vagina."