Brands Sever Ties With YouTuber Myka Stauffer After She 'Rehomes' Adopted Son With Autism

Myka Stauffer—the Ohio mom blogger and YouTuber who last week posted a seven-minute long apology video alongside her husband James, detailing their decision to “rehome” their adopted son Huxley to his “forever home” because of his special needs—is now facing professional ramifications for her barbarbic behavior.


According to Today, Playtex Baby, Danimals, Suave, Chili’s, and Big Lots have announced that they will no longer partner with Stauffer for the kind of sponcon posts that keep influencers in business. On Instagram, actor Kate Hudson told a fan that Stauffer had been “terminated” from any future Fabletics brand deals, Hudson’s activewear company. Playtex Baby also responded to a commenter on Instagram, saying “Our last post with her was back in February. We are not partnering with her moving forward.” Chili’s told another that “We haven’t partnered with Myka since the fall of 2019 and do not have plans for any future partnerships.”

In 2017, Stauffer traveled to China to “pick up” Huxley, where, she wrote in a blog at the time, she realized he “was profoundly developmentally delayed,” beyond what was outlined in the adoption paperwork. Still, they brought him home, named him Huxley, got him a diagnosis (autism spectrum disorder level 3) and, after three years together, “rehomed” him. “My son has taught me to love completely and unconditionally,” she wrote in that post, “regardless of circumstances and without exceptions.”

Stauffer did say in her apology video that “his new mommy has medical, professional training,” but neither Myka nor James Stauffer has commented or apologized for their use of pet adoption language, as if Huxley was a troublesome cat instead of a human child.


I heart Westies

Not enough bad things can happen to this woman, not so much for her “rehoming” of a child like he was a puppy she found in a parking lot but for her mercenary use of and collection of children to begin with. She keeps squeezing out or adopting kids because she knows that babies and toddlers are where the “cute” Instagram pics and all the sponsors’ dollars are. Once a child has aged out of the cute years, it’s time to get/have another. Bonus points if they’re not white! Fuck this bitch. It’s beyond abhorrent that she treated this poor child like a stray dog, but I have to think he’ll be better off with someone who might love him or at least see him as a human being and not as a photo prop for a sociopath’s “brand”. I hope Huxley gets permanent happiness and proper care with his new family. And may the saints protect this woman’s biological children should they ever display any faults of their own. Can you imagine how she’d react if one of her children, especially a girl, ever had a weight problem?? I’m sure she already polices every bite of food they eat. Of course, she’d find a way to monetize her children’s struggles - WW for kids, Slimfast for pre-teens, Peletons for the whole family! I am not in the mood this week of all week for a performance of White Woman Tears.