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Brad Pitt Is Reportedly Dealing With His Divorce With Sculpture, Weed, and Bon Iver

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

On Tuesday evening we shared the surprising and sort of delightful news that Brad Pitt’s newest passion is sculpting, and that the newly single actor has spent “many days and nights” working on a piece I imagine will be his most spectacular creation since the character of J.D. in Thelma and Louise. Today, we have even more details, courtesy of The Daily Mail.


Pitt reportedly spends “15 hours a day” in his artist friend Thomas Houseago’s studio “vaping” and “listening to playlists of sad songs.” What songs, you ask? Waylon Jennings’s “Just To Satisfy You” and selections from Bon Iver.

Though the source didn’t identify which of Bon Iver’s many mournful falsetto songs Pitt has been listening to, I feel comfortable assuming he’s just spinning the classics from For Emma, Forever Ago. “Flume,” “For Emma,” “Skinny Love”—you know, the good shit.


You can see pictures of Pitt in daddy artist drag over at The Daily Mail.

[The Daily Mail]

Here’s a small update to the Cat Deeley saga we explained Tuesday evening: the server Deeley refused to tip spoke to TMZ about her behavior, and expressed how frustrated he was by the many “vague statements” she made on Twitter.

He’s clearly an actor; this entire video comes off like a Skype audition for a role as “Waiter Witness” on Law and Order, and I personally love it.


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“vaping” and “listening to playlists of sad songs.”

what else are you supposed to do while divorcing??