Boy Falls From Balcony at Taylor Swift's Seattle Concert

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Taylor Swift’s Saturday night concert in Seattle was marred when a young man sitting in the third-floor balcony fell over the railing and down into the seats of the second floor, putting his foot right through an armrest.

According to The Seattle Times, the unidentified 13-year-old boy is in serious condition, but was awake and able to respond to paramedics at the scene after he fell while Swift’s opening act was on stage. Witnesses at the scene describe the event as “unreal.”

From The Seattle Times:

Said Robert Craighead, attending the show with his family: “I was walking down the aisle when I heard a big ‘thunk.’ I was hit by a piece of flying plastic.”

He said the youth fell right by a group of four girls.

“They all screamed. His leg was right through the arm thing on the chair. I could see blood,” said Craighead. “He was skinny. He was in a daze.”


The Seattle Fire Department released a statement about the incident, stating that the boy could not remember how or why he fell. No further news on his condition was available after he left the show, but The Seattle Times reports that the fall was the “equivalent of one story.” While it looks like the boy might survive, there’s no telling what kind of injuries he’s sustained.

No one else was hurt as a witness reports that the row the boy fell into was “miraculously” empty, even though the show was just beginning.

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One of my biggest fears. Walking down the stairs at a venue I white knuckle the railing. Once I’m seated I gauge the fall. Once I get up and “do the seat space shuffle dance” I start to wonder “What would happen it I jumped”. Then I have to resist the urge to jump.