Both Uma Thurman and Jennifer Lawrence Rightfully Kicked Harvey Weinstein Around on Late Night

Currently promoting her Broadway star turn in The Parisian Woman, Uma Thurman stopped in Monday on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and spent most of the interview joking about how Broadway actors have the hardest job in show business. Until the very end.


Eventually, Meyers brings up Thurman’s recent interview with the New York Times, in which she alleged that she was attacked by Harvey Weinstein, also detailing an incident on the set of Kill Bill where she was seriously injured in a car crash after director Quentin Tarantino ignored her concerns. Meyers comments on how brave the people coming forward have been, and thanks Thurman specifically.

“You’ve gotta be a citizen, and you can’t leave people alone holding the bag of truth by themselves,” Thurman replies, followed by an extended applause break.

“There’s no one I wish to get due process more than him,” she adds, which could actually happen.

Over on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jennifer Lawrence got a little more graphic, as is her style.

After drinking a number of rum shots, Lawrence talks about her plans to take a year off and talk to kids about the government. She then kicks off her shoes and gets into how Harvey Weinstein dragged her name into his filth.

“He is just that horrible ass boil that does not go away—you pop the ass boil...and it just does not go away,” says Lawrence, adding that she had to come up with a statement in the middle of the night after Weinstein insinuated she was a supporter. She says she can’t believe “his awfulness is still happening.”

The rest of the segment is full of tidbits about Amy Schumer’s wedding, and a confession that Lawrence has a serious crush on Larry David, which I guess makes it even clearer what her type is.

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I know that’s kind of a “thing” to dislike Jennifer Lawrence at the moment, but I genuinely like her. It must have been so strange for her to be dragged into the Weinstein allegations as a defender when she obviously hates him. Imagine having to come up with a proper soundbite decrying his actions off the cuff with no prior warning. Especially when she’s already had the nastiness of her nude pictures leaked.