Boston Restaurant Owner Calls Complaining Customer 'Fat', 'Bitch', and 'Sweet Pea'

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A fancy French restaurant in Boston is serving a serious side of sass with their pumpkin pie. Well, maybe it's more ass than sass but I wanted to employ some alliteration.


Restaurant Pigalle, a frou-frou dining establishment clearly not run by Ratatouille, is under fire for getting into a Facebook war with an admittedly unfriendly woman named Sandy who wrote on their wall that their pumpkin pie "literally tasted like vomit". Murder she wrote:

Really horrible pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!! Wow. I don't have a clue as to why you would think that throwing pumpkin chunks into a cold pre baked pie shell and then covering it with a cream sauce that literally tasted like vomit. { I am very serious!} and topping it off with whipped cream that was runny would in any way be something that can be called pumpkin pie? The whole meal was awful and the one thing thought would be a good ending was the worst part of it all. Spent 200.00 and will never be back. Thanks for ruing my Thanksgiving! I would of rather gave the money to the homeless person outside your front door that waste it on that crappy food. Merry Christmas!

Dang, be like that then! OK, some obvious problems here — there are better ways to communicate dissatisfaction than a Facebook wall and I have trouble believing that the pie tasted literally like vomit. Well, unless the vomiting person had recently eaten a delicious pumpkin pie.

So yeah, not great.

In response, the chef/owner Marc Orfaly, freaked the freak out:

hey sandy , go fuck your self! if you have any questions on how to proceed please call me at [phone number] marc.


you must enjoy vomit you bitch if you know how much it tastes like

And finally:

Judging by how fat your face looks , you most Likely shouldn't be eating anymore desserts anyway Sweet pea xo


And then for good measure, he posted this to his the restaurant's wall:

To all Pigalle fans
It would be hard to believe that in this day and age there are uneducated , uninformed ignorant people still eating out on holidays , but this woman proves me wrong .
The way to behave , as most people are aware , is when there is a problem with either food or service to bring it to the restaurants attention so they have the chance to correct it properly.
Not waiting 5 days later to make a weak minded post on face book , not even a email .
We appreciate and applaud the support from all of our followers , and thank you for all the kind words .
Once again ‘Sandra'
We did over 100 people for thanksgiving , 98 left happy , eat pie!
Marc , the dishwasher xo


And then he liked his own status! That's my favorite.

I get it, when someone publicly insults the food you ostensibly pour your heart and soul into (YOUR VERY HEART AND SOUL), you're probably gonna be pissed when they knock you in a very public manner. Hello, Yelp. However, this response is pretty awful, and the lady-hating language. Yikes!


He's since deleted the entire ugly exchange and posted this apology:

Last night a disappointed customer aired her concerns here rather than telling us in the restaurant. I must first apologize for my comments. They were not in the spirit of Pigalle, and nor do I wish for them to reflect on the hard work of my staff and their commitment towards hospitality. I am sorry.

The truth is, I overreacted. While we feel that if a guest is dissatisfied, they should bring it to our attention immediately, there is no excuse for name-calling and foul language. I was wrong.

My hope is that each person who walks through our door has a wonderful dinner & service, but I also hope each person feels comfortable enough to let us know if they are not having this experience. Although, my comments did not reflect this, I truly respect and acknowledge the importance of feedback, good and bad.

Now, I aim to move forward and focus on delivering the best experience possible for our diners. I hope you will come in and let us show you our best.


Here's what I think went down. The owner had been drinking post shift (as many in the restaurant biz are wont to do), saw the FB post, and was all "OH HELL NO". Then, he posted his true feelingz and woke up the next morning to a world of pain. I'm not sure there's any winner here, but maybe the lesson is, don't post on the internet when you're raging mad, because that shit never ends well. Life lessons!


Local Chef: The Customer Is Always Right (Unless She's Fat and Stupid) [Boston Magazine]

Please note, that's not Pigalle's infamous vomit pie, but rather an extremely tasty pumpkin pie from the PPK



I had a horrible meal at Pigalle and I would never go back. I think the restaurant is highly overrated. (And, no, I'm not Sandy. This was some time ago.)