Boo Has Officially Sold Soul, Now Shilling for Crocs

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Ugh, I kinda want a pair. Dammit.

That's right, the ridiculously adorable Pomeranian (?) has launched a shoe collaboration with Crocs — making "Jibbitz" charms that you stick through the holes of your Crocs to make them even more obnoxious/adorable, depending on whether or not you have eyes.


From Glamour:

"Boo's whole 'I'm a dog, life is good' outlook is built around being cute and comfy," said the licensing company's co-president Tamra Knepfer, "so this Crocs deal is perfect."

The Boo Jibbitz currently come in two iterations: a close-up of Boo's Head and a Boo wearing a Boo T-shirt full-length version.


Don't just sit there, go get your Boo-ble* heads!!

*Like bobble heads? Kinda? No?


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Fuck the haters. I love my Crocs and was seriously disappointed that Boo is promoting the little charm thingies and NOT a line of doggie Crocs. Because I kinda want a pair for my dog.
Also, to all the people who are going to start jumping down my throat for loving Crocs, I DON'T CARE HOW THEY LOOK, they're simply the best things I've ever put on my feet. I worked in a bakery for awhile and ruined several pairs of shows with flour dust and egg wash detritus before I wised up and bought a pair of Crocs like everyone else there. I'd wear them into the shower after work and PRESTO, clean shoes, sans disgusting, smelly caked on bakery mess. They're the greatest footwear ever. Suck it.