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Bold as Brass Trio Allegedly Walks Into Lululemon and Steals $17,000 Worth of Leggings

Illustration for article titled Bold as Brass Trio Allegedly Walks Into Lululemon and Steals $17,000 Worth of Leggings
Image: KFSN

Who needs the Met Ball when the perfect heist has been right before our very eyes all this time? I’m speaking, of course, about stuffing as many pricy pairs of Lululemon leggings into a tote bag as possible, then just waltzing out of the store.


That’s pretty much precisely what three women did recently at a Fresno store, reported KFSN:

Brown says the women were calm. They didn’t speak. They didn’t fight. They walked to the back of the store, scooped as many leggings as they could fit into their bags and then walked out.

“We were all in a daze,” she said. “The manager was just trying to keep everything calm, saying it’s okay, it’s okay.”

The leggings are among the most expensive item in the store, averaging about $100 each. The thieves stole 148 pairs, and police believe they could be responsible for more.


Cops said staying calm and doing nothing was exactly the right move by customers and employees.

Originally the score was estimated at $10,000, but it’s since been revised upward to $17,000. What’s more, the authorities think the heist was part of a full-on crime ring: “They believe it’s related to a crew that has hit Lululemon in the Bay Area,” said Lt. Joe Gomez; there was a similar incident at a Berkeley Lululemon on July 20.

Whole lot easier to move hot (but ubiquitous) leggings than diamonds or—God forbid—art!

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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Wait, what?!? They just start pulling shit off the shelf in complete sight of everyone and nobody is even trying to stop them? I’ve watched this video twice and showed it to someone else and we just cannot wrap our heads around this.