Body Snarking Oscar Fashion With Joan Rivers

Offensive commentary is Joan Rivers' schtick. Normally, I think she's funny, but on last night's Fashion Police, she actually pissed me off by saying Kate Winslet has "a weight problem" and that someone needs to tell Mariah Carey "she's chubby."

Granted, I can get defensive about Mariah, but honestly, who "needs" to be told that they're chubby? As though women—particularly in this industry—don't already obsess about their own perceived imperfections. Joan should look at herself as an example. She can't even do facial comedy anymore, she's had so much pulled and tucked and injected.

I will admit that Joan's zingers about James Cameron and Tom Ford were pretty fucking funny.


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When she says things like that about Kate Winslet and Mariah Carey and Gabby — all of whom are beautiful women — it reminds me of the time when the bitchy girl in my office announced that Britney Spears just wasn't pretty.* The entire office — men and women — turned around and looked at her like she had lost her fucking mind.

Britney maybe can't sing that well, and at the time she was annoyingly ubiquitous, but one thing Britney is, even when bald and falling apart, is very pretty. Saying otherwise doesn't make it so, no matter how much your jealous little heart wants it to be, Joan. And ex-coworker.

*This was moons ago well before Britney's life went sideways.