Bob Saget Is Deep in a Mid-Life Crisis in the Fuller House Season 2 Trailer

Trailers are magical. This one almost made me want to sink into the festive mundanity of Fuller House Season 2, with a montage of falling balloons, campfires and first kisses. Just let my brain flicker and fade out as the sun sets over the Golden Gate bridge.

Though at least one staffer has categorized Fuller House as “singularly awful,” the show was renewed by Netflix, and this trailer doesn’t deviate from the successful formula of family values and Gibbler antics. This season covers Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, as well as Bob Saget’s mid-life crisis, in which he shows up wearing some flashy jewelry and a leather coat. We’re also promised an appearance from New Kids on the Block, which will hopefully result in a choreographed group dance.


The Olsens are, of course no where in sight, perhaps because they’re kissing old men somewhere. To be honest, I may actually watch this, perhaps the day after Christmas when depression and goose hangovers make us most vulnerable to cloying nostalgia. Happy Holidays!

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