Blast From The Past: Riot Grrrls

Riot Grrrl Retrospective is an "online exhibition" of 11 short clips - which include archival footage and interviews - that explore how the political/musical movement started, and why it faded away.

This clip is Part 1 of the series, and focuses mainly on Bikini Kill. The rest of the clips are available on YouTube, but for some reason, aren't embeddable, so we're linking out to them.

Part 2: Brat Mobile and Girl Germs

Part 3: Beat Happening

Part 4: Allison Wolfe

Part 5: Nomy Lamm

Part 6: Corin Tucker, Emily's Sassy Lime

Part 7: More Bikini Kill, Rachel Karns, Sharon Cheslow

Part 8: When they all started freaking out about the media attention

Part 9: How their message was lost in the mainstream media (with the exception of Sassy) and how there was too much focus on the baby barrettes


Part 10: What Riot Grrrl Means

Part 11: The message is still the same, but now there are few women delivering it

Riot Grrrl Retrospective [EMPSFM]

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I was just a skosh to young for this- sad to think that this morphed into Avril Lavine