Billy Corgan, Cat Enthusiast, Just Adopted Two Kittens From a Rescue

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Billy Corgan is the alt-rock hero that cats need and deserve right now: The Smashing Pumpkins frontman has revealed that he’s adopted two kittens from PAWS in Chicago. These adorable felines will join his already sizable menagerie of rescued animals, which includes another cat and two Labradors.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Corgan’s had a hard time since March, when he lost an 11-year-old cat named Sammi he’d also adopted from PAWS. But now he appears to be experiencing the greatest day he has ever known (sorry) with the addition of Angelface and Diamond Baby to his life. The kittens, a calico and a tortoiseshell, were specially chosen by Corgan due to the fact that they’d suffered health problems. Now, they’ll live in the lap of luxury with the singer and PAWS Chicago magazine cover model.


(Let’s hope that Anderson Cooper STFUs about Corgan’s new friends, as he has been unkind regarding Corgan’s volunteer work in the past.)

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This seems like a particularly nice way for a celebrity to adopt a pet. Of course it’s fine for people to get purebred animals if they want them, but if you’re not very particular about breed, going to a shelter or rescue and giving it a shout out on social media seems like a good way to go.