Billionaire Invites Entire City to Relish His Pettiness

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When poors want to be petty they block friends on social media without explanation, turn on read receipts, or just shoot a message that simply reads “k,” the undisputed pettiest letter of the alphabet. When billionaires want to be petty, they force their ex-wives and 8.6 million other New Yorkers to look at 42-foot-tall pictures of their new wives.


To celebrate his new marriage and the end of a contentious divorce, “megadeveloper” and billionaire Harry Macklowe hung giant banners featuring headshots of himself and his new bride from a Park Avenue property that he and his ex battled over in court.

The 81-year-old billionaire split from his wife of 58 years, Linda Macklowe, after she reportedly found out he’d been keeping his then side chick/now wife, Patricia Landeau, in another property just blocks away from the Park Avenue high rise. In December, a judge ordered that they split their $2 billion fortune as there was no prenup. Guess Harry’s still a tiny bit salty about being out $1 billion since he commemorated his wedding to Landeau by decorating a building with his “I’ve moved on” pics instead of posting them them to Instagram like someone who earns .004% of a billion annually might do. Page Six:

“Our smiling faces will be on a building that I built — and I am proud of my wife, my life, my friends and colleagues,’ Harry told the New York Post. ‘It gives me a great thrill [to] share this moment of joy and happiness.”

In a time of rapidly increasing income inequality and wage stagnation, it truly is a blessing when a rich dude revenge-shares his wedding pictures on the side of a building. Thanks for thinking of us.


KristenfromMA - A Moon Shaped Fool

I’ll bet new wife is certain that there’ll be no new side chick, because twoo wuv. 🤣