Bill Cosby's Lawyers Are Very Mad His 2006 Deposition Was Released

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On Tuesday, Bill Cosby’s lawyers filed a motion stating that Andrea Costand, the victim in a federal lawsuit, had “made a mockery” of the case’s confidentiality agreement when portions of Cosby’s deposition were released to the media.


The excerpts of the 2006 deposition— in which Cosby essentially admits to obtaining quaaludes for drugging women he wanted to have sex with—were published in the New York Times after a judge released them last week. Now, Cosby’s lawyers are asking that the remaining details of the case’s settlement remain sealed.

NBC News reports:

Cosby’s attorney , Patrick O’Connor, believes the release of Cosby’s deposition transcript violated the terms of the settlement. Noting that the woman is not asking to void the entire settlement agreement, he wrote that “obviously, she wants to keep what she was paid” but that she “cannot simply pick and choose which contractual obligations will be void and which will stand.” ...

As a result, Cosby’s attorneys said in their motion, they will seek relief for the alleged violations and ask a judge to strike down efforts by the victim’s attorney to release her from the confidentiality agreement. What the relief entails is unclear.

“The media immediately pounced, inaccurately labeling the released testimony as defendant’s ‘confession’ of ‘drugging’ women and assaulting them,” O’Connor and attorney George Gowen wrote in the motion. “Reading the media accounts, one would conclude that defendant has admitted to rape. And yet defendant admitted to nothing more than being one of the many people who introduced quaaludes into their consensual sex life in the 1970s.”

Gowen and O’Connor continued: “There are countless tales of celebrities, music stars and wealthy socialites in the 1970s willingly using quaaludes for recreational purposes and during consensual sex.”

Bill Cosby, however, was obviously not one of these “disco biscuit”-popping, free-loving, law-abiding celebrities.

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Quaaludes as part of recreational activities and consensual sex?

I’m not nearly old enough to know for sure... is this 100% weapons-grade bullshit, or did people actually do that in the 70’s? And I mean really do it, not just say that they did because they didn’t want to seem rapey (like Cosby here).

Personally, I’m betting on bullshit, but the 70’s were pretty fucked up.