Bill Cosby's First Video Message to Fans: 'I'm Far From Finished!'

Bill Cosby, the once beloved comedian who's been accused of sexually assaulting more than three dozen women, is on a comedy tour and he wants to win back your love with a just-released video message he made for his fans. In it, he invites someone on the phone to his show and says "You know I'll be hilarious... I'm far from finished."


According to ABC News, Cosby's released several recent statements to the press about his failing comedy career, but this is the first time he's appeared on video. He's now trying to entice his remaining fans to come to his show and hear him talk about his wholesome life—even as two more women have come forward with allegations against him in the past week. Jennifer Kaya Thompson shed her anonymity to speak about her horrifying experience with Cosby as a young model in an interview with People on Thursday, and on Friday, Jewel Allison wrote a Washington Post op-ed about why it's taken her two decades to come forward about what Cosby did to her.

But none of that has stopped Cosby, who's currently facing no criminal litigation, from continuing doing what he does best: Telling really corny jokes while wearing an "I'm your friend" sweater that seems more creepy than corny in light of the allegations against him. Not even the anchors at ABC know what to make of his video message, only saying that Cosby wants to know that "he is still funny and his career is not over."


You can watch the video above. Cosby bills it as a "wonderful video message filled with laughter," but even he seems to have lost his sense of humor.

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Morifarty's ringtone

Why is it always rapists and abusers who think their lives are so goddamn wholesome? Like, I've never fucking raped a human being (and never fucking would because I'm not a goddamn garbage person) and I wouldn't go on national TV to talk about how I'm fucking Mrs. Goddamn fucking Cleaver.