Vanity Fair is reportedly working on a profile about Bill Cosby’s former lawyer Marty Singer, who defended Cosby against a slew of sexual assault allegations.

According to Page Six, the magazine’s contributing editor David Margolick interviewed multiple sources about Singer and his role on Cosby’s defense team. Singer’s previous celebrity clientele includes Charlie Sheen, Sharon Stone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but most notably Cosby. Singer himself confirmed to Page Six that he spoke to Margolick for a piece. “I was interviewed by Margolick recently, but I don’t know what the focus of his article is going to be,” said Singer. (At the least, Singer had to have been told that he’s the subject of the profile, as most, if not all, magazines do when requesting interviews.)


“He did focus a lot on Cosby, but also asked about other clients, but not Charlie Sheen,” said Singer. “I don’t know when they are going to run it, as they recently did a long piece on Cosby, but I thought it better to cooperate with the story.”

Singer, who called the women’s allegations “ridiculous,” served as Cosby’s lawyer when the comedian accused an alleged victim of extortion and throughout the initial round of lawsuits. After Cosby and Singer severed ties in October 2015, Christopher Tayback was hired as Cosby’s primary lawyer, but his firm also backed out of representing Cosby last week.


Earlier this year, Janice Dickinson, who filed a defamation lawsuit against Cosby, also sought to include Singer in the suit.

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