Bikini-Clad Contestant Doesn't Appeal To Female Judges… Or Ryan Seacrest

For some reason, it took eight seasons of American Idol for a girl to audition in a bikini. And it took new Idol judge Kara DioGuardi two minutes to be a bitch about it.

The contestant sang Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love," and her voice was a lot better than one would expect, given the fact that she used her body to get the attention of producers. Kara decided that she wasn't that good of a singer, however, and tried to have a sing-off. It didn't work, and, after the girl got an invitation to go to Hollywood anyway, she tried make out with Ryan Seacrest, who was even more uncomfortable with this woman's display than Kara was.

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Why do people even watch this load of crap? Seriously? Most of the contestants sound the same to me and it's not exciting.

Auditions in bikinis are never appropriate. But that's the classically trained, stuck up part of me. WHAT DO I KNOW.