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Since America’s first radioactively-decaying president was sworn into office in January, Jezebel’s politics podcast, Big Time Dicks, has been following along, taking a closer look at the policies his simultaneously nefarious and inept administration keep thrusting upon us. It’s been a long six months, so we think it’s time to do that same thing, but while holding a cold beverage.

On Wednesday, June 28, Big Time Dicks will host its first live podcast taping at the Bell House in Brooklyn, where we’ll be joined by an incredible line-up: Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, Aparna Nancherla, a comedian and former writer for Late Night With Seth Meyers, and Erika Andiola, Political Director for Our Revolution and former press secretary for Bernie Sanders’s campaign.


Join us for a night of festive reflection, games, and action planning to rev you up for the next six months of life under the biggest dick of all. Reserve your (free!) ticket here.

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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