If Curran, who made her Instagram private after the viral moment, is indeed getting death threats, it just goes to show how fandoms can weaponize themselves against anyone who appears to be outside of it, often without consideration of what the artist they say they admire so much actually wants. No one knows what Beyoncé is actually thinking in that clip—she hasn’t commented publicly on the situation—but what started as funny meme now seems to have become untenable—or at least, a bad enough PR situation for Beyoncé that Noel-Schure publicly commented, something she very rarely does. (In 2013, she asked BuzzFeed to take down supposedly unflattering photos of Beyoncé from its Super Bowl coverage; she also wrote a long statement to Gossip Cop in 2017, shutting down MediaTakeOut’s suggestion that Beyoncé had had lip injections while pregnant.)


Will the Beyhive actually stop? We don’t know, but it is Friday and taking a walk outside is free!