Beyoncé Said To Be Delivering Her Baby Girl Any Second Now

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It's Pregnancé no more because reports are coming thick and fast that Beyoncé is having her baby – with talk that she's probably crowning this very moment! With nurses and security at New York's St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital being advised to prepare themselves for a high-profile client checking in to give birth late yesterday, word on the maternity ward is that it's none other than Mama B. Though this hasn't been confirmed, two gossipy nurses have said that the VIP has booked out half of the Labor and Delivery Suite at the hospital – the same one where friend Alicia Keys gave birth last year. It's just as well that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are insanely wealthy because otherwise their baby girl would have been forever cursed to receive the lame twofer "Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!" gifts that disappoint many late December children. Congrats, y'all! [Media Takeout]


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If I was a 66-year-old woman I'd eat babies if that's what it took to look half as amazing as Helen Mirren, but that doesn't mean I spend my time trawling the interwebs for naked pictures of the English actress from a shoot that ran in New York mag last year. And that makes me one of the few because it was trending as one of the most searched items on Monday. [Gather]

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Though it's still deeply troubling that she's a New York Times best-selling author/ghost writer captor, Snooki has always seemed like she'd be as fun as she is sometimes offensive. Therefore it's with friendly concern that we note that girl be looking mighty skinny in this picture she Tweeted of herself over the holidays. [Radar, Twitter]

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Kanye West is rumored to be pulling a reverse Victoria Beckham and moving to the UK to further his career. Thinking of putting his music on hold to pursue his fashionista dreams, he's said to be pulling up pegs early next year. "He'll be over here preparing his Paris Fashion Week show, due in March," said a source type. "He's also been looking for a studio." [MTV UK]

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Depending on your views, this picture of Justin Bieber hugging on two of his young relatives will either send your ovaries into overdrive or have them packing up shop and hanging a sign on your uterus that says "Gone Fishin'!" [The Sun, Instagram]
Brace yourselves, Justin is now going to enter serious actor territory thanks to Mark Wahlberg. [Page Six]

  • Stalkers take note, it's been confirmed that Kate Middleton and Prince William will be spending New Year's in Aberdeen, Scotland. [US]
  • Stevie Wonder is the latest musician who will make more this New Year's Eve than you will over the course of the next 10 years. [Page Six]
  • Unsurprisingly, Michael Lohan is absent from the family's Christmas photo. [TMZ]
  • Christina Hendricks has that typecast thing down — scoring a role as a '60s bombshell in new film, um, Bomb. [Daily Mail]
  • Everyone's favorite SNL actress-turned-right-wing-nut-job Victoria Jackson is once again talking about how those pesky Muslims are taking over the country. [Huff Po]
  • Giuliana Rancic is back at work and looking spritely following her double mastectomy. [E!]
  • This one is pretty sad: Carol Channing's husband Harry Kullijian died 70 years after they met. Poor Carol. [US]
  • Keeping the chuckles coming, Heavy D's cause of death has been revealed: pulmonary embolism caused by deep leg vein thrombosis. [TMZ]
  • The world stands to get a little hotter in the next 18-20 years with news that Alessandra Ambrósio is pregnant with her second child. [People]
  • Owen Wilson can't seem to give it up, getting a bit boozy over dinner and flirting with a bunch of waitresses. He's got another five-10 years to go before this behavior enters lech territory. [Page Six]
  • Blabbermouth friends say that Megan Fox is finding the removal of her Marilyn Monroe tattoo so painful that she has to wear a mouthguard to cope. [Radar]
  • There are rumors that he's dating Brazilain porn star Harry Louis, but Marc Jacobs was spotted taking his six-pack for a walk along the beach with former flame Lorenzo Martone yesterday. [Radar]
  • Anything that brings more Lil' Kim into our lives is a good thing, so finger snaps for talk of a new collaboration with 50 Cent. [BET]
  • The American Federation Of Musicians are pissed about Taylor Swfit's new song for The Hunger Games. [Ministry Of Gossip]
  • Who knew that Flea From Red Hot Chili Peppers was such an avid chess player? Taking on the world champion in Brazil. Spoiler alert! He lost. [The Sun]
  • Rihanna can't keep her hand off it, grabbing her crotch "at least 20 times" in the video for new single "You Da One." More interesting is that someone actually counted. [The Sun]


Trying to process how Beyonce can already be having that baby, so either she was really far along when she debuted her baby bump, or she's doing that early C-section/tummy tucks so many celebrity moms arrange, so they don't gain too much weight and can get back to their pre-pregnancy shape quicker. Beyonce has so many videos to make and so little time!!

The only remarkable difference I see in that Snooki picture is that she looks healthy. She was always so wasted or drunk and that really does a number on your looks. She looks sober and bright eyed and really adorable. I don't even watch that show or know any of those people, but she always stood out as such a cute, fun girl.

I don't know why, but that Megan Fox story gives me a visual that makes me laugh so hard. I think they should videotape her tattoo removal sessions and post them as PSAs for every young person that wants to get one of those "portrait" tattoos. Girl with "DRAKE" on her forehead comes to mind.

And thank you for clearing up that Marc Jacob picture, because I saw them yesterday and was like, what, wait? Then I realized I know far too much about Marc Jacobs love life.

Also, did you have to do a spoiler on the Flea post? You could have left us with a little suspense. Keep us coming back for more!!