Oh, God. Last night, Taylor Swift tweeted, "Something I've been VERY excited about for a VERY long time is going to be happening VERY soon. (and I'm not referring to Christmas)." The surprise? A song Swift made with The Civil Wars called "Safe And Sound," which will be on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games. It's a sad, acoustic ballad with the chorus: "Just close your eyes / The sun is going down / You'll be all right / No one can hurt you / In the morning light / You and I'll be safe and sound." Could be the kind of thing Katniss says to Prim — or to Peeta, in the cave. Here's the problem: It was thrilling to read about a post-apocalyptic world where kids fight to the death, but if there's one thing a reader is pretty sure doesn't exist in Panem or The Capital, it's TAYLOR SWIFT. Christ. The demographic target marketing is right on — young adult books, young adult singer — but it feels wrong. Anyway, we'll have to see how it plays out in the actual film. Will the track just play over the credits? Will Taylor's voice interrupt tender moments between Katniss and Gale? Will Katniss get an iTunes gift card via silver parachute?


Taylor Swift Releases 'Hunger Games' Song 'Safe and Sound' (Audio) [The Hollywood Reporter]

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