Beyoncé Kindly Asked Her Mother to Stop Telling So Many Corny Jokes on Instagram

Miss Tina Knowles Lawson, purveryor of the finest Mom Instagram to date, loves nothing more than sharing a corny-ass joke on Instagram. Her daughter Beyoncé thinks that she should maybe chill out.


As per the FADER and also my own personal knowedge of her beatific Instagram presence, Miss Tina loves a joke, so much so that she posts videos of herself telling some real groaners. But, her eldest daughter thinks that maybe, just maybe, she should give it a rest.

“You know, Beyoncé was telling me the other day that I shouldn’t do corny jokes all the time,” she said in her latest video. “But I told her, when you get my age, you gotta find your light.” Good point. If that light’s good, please, by all means, continue.

She then proceeds to tell an extraordinarily corny joke, backing up her explanation in an Instagram caption that makes her kid seem like less of a tyrant and more like an embarrassed child who sort of wishes that Mom would stop posting selfies and badly-lit pictures of brunch for like, a week.

“I don’t think anyone likes their mom on instagram do you?” she writes in the caption. Miss Tina, you are right once again.


Kathy Hilton was out celebrating her birthday with her sisters Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, good friend Kris Jenner and a “sea of paps.” Here’s what I imagine happened next: After maybe five too many Pinot Grigios and a handful of Castelvetrano olives swiped from a cheese plate no one really touched, she pulled her phone out of her bag and fired off a tweet that “falsely impregnated” Jennifer Aniston.


“Jennifer Aniston looks so beautiful tonight I am telling you she is having a baby girl. 100/percent!!!!!!!!” reads the since-deleted tweet, followed by a string of emoji that includes a four-leaf clover, two different flowers and that smiley face that looks like its mouth is full.

She has since deleted the tweet. And, if you can stomach the insane 360 degree video over at TMZ, you’ll catch her apology. She’s sorry!



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I swear I already told Beyonce to leave Mama Tina alone. Let her flourish with her corny jokes. She’s a joy.


Meek Mill and his crew allegedly got into words with the airport workers on Tuesday and actually went back to the airport on Wednesday to fight. He’s on probation.

If true, this man is unforgivably stupid. Constant Ls.


Cindy Lou is headed back to Whoville.


lol This is so pathetic. Who okayed this?