The Dixie Chicks Have Already Learned to Play 'Daddy Lessons'

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There is some controversy over white people performing acoustic covers of music by black artists, but if you’re gonna enjoy one of those covers today, it should be by The Dixie Chicks.


During their Saturday night show in Manchester, the ladies performed a beautiful rendition of “Daddy Lessons.” Natalie Maines missed her intro to the song, but they quickly recovered and performed a faithful tribute.

Beyoncé’s song has caught attention for sounding “country” and was even played on a few country music radio stations. CMT has their panties in a twist about it. While I expect to hear many terrible acoustic covers from Lemonade, I will personally put this one in the success column.


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Dixie Chicks can cover whatever the hell they want. They have earned their stripes. Blazing hot career destroyed by the right wing and the media for uttering a simple truth.

If you haven’t seen Shut up and Sing yet, do yourself a favor and watch it now.