Bette Midler Is Your New Mae West

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Everyone's favorite actress and regular star of Tweet Beat, Bette Midler, is joining an HBO movie in development about the life of Mae West, who would have been a regular star of Tweet Beat if Tweet Beat had existed during her time and who is definitely still everyone's favorite actress.


Deadline reports that the the script is being written by none other than Harvey Fierstein and the project is being executive produced and directed by William Friedkin of The Exorcist. It's based off of West's autobiography, the fantastically titled Goodness Had Nothing to Do with It. Which means it's definitely time for this clip:

Will this be better than the Liberace movie? As nothing will ever be better than the Liberace movie, it's unlikely. But it might come close. (Also it is being executive produced by a dude who executive produced that movie so, the chances are even higher than they were when you put Mae West and Bette Midler in the same sentence that the camp will be there.)


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Time to post more Mae West clips!

this is a great example of her type: A businesswoman who has sex with whomever she pleases, always wears a tight dress, and who is practical, smart, and hilarious.