Saturday Night Social: Happy Birthday, Bette Midler

The Divine Miss M. turns 67 today, and we celebrate the birth of Our Lady The Brassiest with a bizarre (read: AWESOME) vintage music video of Midler covering "Beast of Burden" in 1983 or thereabouts. It also featuring Mick Jagger, with whom she's having an affair. In the video. Not in real life. Although that would be great.

Have a good Saturday night!

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My new years resolution is to learn how to cook. Sadly, the extent of my cooking is Top Ramen and thats about it. Do ya'll know of any good cookbooks or ways to learn? I have seriously been browsing Amazon for cooking tools-the pink ones from kitchen aid-and I want to at least be able to approach making chicken without fear of getting E. Coli. Advice? Experience? Easy recipes?