Best Man Catches Bride Cheating, But We're Sure You've Seen Worse

Have you seen this video of a best man catching a bride in flagrante delicto (that means sexxxing) with a bartender? Well, it's got us thinking about what other offenses you or someone else has seen, heard or caught on tape. Tell us everything! Spare no one! (Please use pseudonyms.)


If you haven't seen the video, it's below and it is just embarrassing for everyone involved. Now, I'm not here to shame anyone for what they choose to do with their hot body (although as someone who has been cheated on, fuck that noise) but if you're going to cheat in a public place, maybe don't. And maybe don't cheat at all if you're just unhappy in your relationship? It's hurtful and it's mean and now all of these people are on the internet. But cheating, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg (and we've done it before, too!). People do bad things all the time, every day. And others are there to witness.


Here is just a short list of awful things I have seen awful people to do in my short and awful time on this planet:

  • A gentleman hiding behind the bushes and trying to videotape a couple making out at a party in the hopes that they'd have sex. He only took a break to invite others to come up and watch for a modest fee.
  • A man gently masturbating in the seat next to me on MUNI. He wasn't doing it to me, per se, just next to me. He assured me that I wasn't his type and that he was just correcting his package.
  • A woman ripping up books at a Borders just because.
  • A friendly-looking man exiting a Ross dressing room in which he had just took a shit in.
  • Two frat boys peeing on the "Teen" DVDS of the porno section of the video store I used to work at.

What about you? What have you seen? Who have you caught? Spill!

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Omar Bradley Little

I once saw a very drunk, very confused young man trying to stick a beer bottle up his ass whilst crying. I was at a party and went to an upstairs restroom, only to see that monstrosity. When he saw me, he didn't stop, but just stared deeply and sadly into my eyes. I then gently closed the door and left that house quick as a cheetah.