Bella Thorne's New Song Is Definitely Not About Her Ex Tana Mongeau, OK?

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Bella Thorne has been in the news quite a bit this last year, mostly for things that are not good. Now she’s being talked about for something other than her disastrous stint as an OnlyFans tourist: her music career!

In an interview with Page Six, Thorne revealed that a recent song, “Stupid Fucking Bitch,” was NOT about ex and minor villain Tana Mongeau, also known as the fake ex-wife of Jake Paul, even if all evidence points to the contrary. I mean, it is extremely specific in its wording. But it’s not about Mongeau! Thorne promises.

In it she sings rapturous lines like, “You wanted me for clout and I should have thrown you out,” or “all my friends think you’re a bitch.” It’s all a bit too Iggy Azalea for my own tastes.


To Page Six, Thorne claimed: “

“The song is about people in your friend groups. Everyone kind of goes through this, where a new person comes in and you’re all, like, ‘Yeah, fuck yeah, I love this guy, he’s got great energy …’ and then that person slowly takes over your whole group, gets in there and things start to happen. You realize, maybe they’re not just friends with you because they’re being friends with you, maybe it’s these ulterior motives.”

So while Thorne might not say it’s not about Mongeau, her ex sure does. In response to the song, she tweeted:


If this sort of thing captures the attention of one looking to listen to more music that makes infamous YouTube stars mildly vexed, good news! Thorne has another single out Friday.

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Firstly, it’s a terrible song. I wholeheartedly regret listening to it. Secondly, writing, producing and singing a song purely to rip on someone? I’ll happily admit that I am a petty person in many instances, but this seems like too much work for a public “fuck you”. Thirdly, it’s a shame to see just how different the paths her and Zendaya have taken from back when I had to watch “Shake it Up” with my kids.