Bella Hadid 'Struggles' With Smiling Yet 'Never Goes a Day' Without Doing So

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Bella Hadid is on the cover of June’s Harper’s Bazaar, interviewed by her sister Gigi, and for some reason, the only thing People chose to focus on when they picked that item up is that Bella has a difficult time smiling.


Oh, one other thing: she is no longer a “party girl” and would rather just “sit on the couch.” But yeah, other than that—smiling. She’s bad at smiling. Historically very bad at it.

“I never go a day without smiling. People always say I have the same facial expressions. But what they don’t realize is that for a long time I looked that way because photographers on set would direct me to look ‘bored’ or ‘very nonchalant.’ But it isn’t necessarily the way I really am,” she said.

That is...fine? No one has to smile? Unless you’re in a toothpaste commercial, it’s not usually a requirement to smile at a camera or the clickity-clackity of paparazzi’s shutters or fans taking stealth snaps of you for their Insta or whatever.

“I was always really self-conscious of myself and I didn’t like my smile,” she told InStyle at the Cannes Film Festival. “I thought I had a crooked smile my whole life. When I started modeling, it was such an intense force that I guess I just didn’t smile and I didn’t want to, and then it became a thing that I didn’t smile.

The star worried about smiling on command before her first appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016 too.“I am not a very good smiler on cue,” told PEOPLE during a fitting for the show in New York City. “I have to practice that a lot.”“I have to close my best friend and roommate’s door and put a big mirror in front of it so she can’t get out of her room so that I have a part of the apartment to walk and practice,” she explained. “It’s perfect for me, but she can’t really get out of her room.

I don’t know about you, but I would watch a 30 minute short film about Bella Hadid 1) living with roommates; 2) locking her roommate in her room; 3) practicing smiling for hours while her roommate and “best friend” bangs on the door, begging for release.


Just making sure that we all saw this.


Would like to also make sure that we all see this too.


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Bella and her sister, whats her name, are like Zoolander, have one facial expression, except they can’t also walk.