Bella Hadid and the Weeknd Are Kissing Again, This Time at Cannes

A different time.
A different time.
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It is abundantly clear by now that when two famouses break up they are never really broken up because the tiny solar system of fame makes it so that they never get to be out of each other’s orbit. Here’s a great example: Bella Hadid and The Weeknd, spotted making out at Cannes.


This is “twice” that they’ve been caught smooching within the past month, according to Us Weekly, which is a lot of times to be kissing someone you are no longer dating—especially if you (the Weeknd in this scenario) just released a sappy EP about your breakup with Selena Gomez. Do you not agree, Abel??? 

The Bella/Weeknd kiss in question happened at the Magnum x Alexander Wang afterparty at the Cannes Film Festival, and yes, for those of you wondering, that is an afterparty sponsored by Magnum ice cream bars in exclusive collaboration with Alexander Wang. Delicious!

Will they? Won’t they? Shan’t they? Aren’t they already??? WE’LL SEE.

[Us Weekly]

We may never know what really transpired in the “freak accident” that caused Carrie Underwood to step out of the public eye for one year while her face healed, but she seems ready to barrel past this era of her life and move right on.

“They are completely done with the neighborhood. The decision came after her fall,” a source told People, saying that part of the reason this has been so hellish for her is that the neighbors have been letting people into the “community” —gated, I presume—to look at her house, I guess? Poke around? Be rude? And Carrie just wants to recuperate and live her damn life.

Leave Carrie Underwood alone! Let Carrie heal in peace!

Screenshot: People

Thank you, People, for covering her tragic tumble with tact.


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The Blac Chyna link reminds me that I just saw an old episode of KUWTK (it was shortly after Kim was robbed in Paris) in which BC was still pregnant, and I thought about how these peoples lives and disasters are one long semi-fake documentary more sort of cringey than any teen diary of drama.

Also, in the episode I watched, Rob celebrates his late father by ordering Armenian take-out, and then he sits with Khloe on the back terrace of this super expensive home that looks about as furnished as it would if someone had gone bankrupt, sold everyone of value, and the furniture that was left was the stuff no one wanted. I mean, a decorative style void of any personality.
And then the two of them proceed to eat the takeout from the styrofoam containers and from what look like paper plates like they live in a trailer park - actually, worse, like they are at a picnic. My grandmother lived in a trailer park and she had enough respect for a shared meal (especially one supposed to honor a late father) to put the food on fucking plates and eat with actual flatware. Respect your food, respect communal meals and for fucks sake, ditch all the plastic.

It all just looked so empty of any - of anything. Maybe they were paid by the Armenian restaurant for promotion, maybe it was really just a nostalgic moment, but it all just seemed like they were living out of impersonal hotel rooms, even in their super posh digs.

Rob talking about his Armenian heritage as something to pass on to his unborn child but then he didn’t know how to cook any of it and could only order takeout - and seeing what a public clusterfuck his relationship with his wife (girlfriend?) and child became - ugh. I don’t know why, but that sad meal in a big house just really bummed me out.

Less money, pls, more happy.