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Being A Mean Girl Will Keep You Younger Than Using Botox

It seemed that the Real Housewives' bitchy gossiping stemmed from sheer boredom, but judging from their high school-ish behavior on last night's episode, it might actually be part of their youth obsession.

Nothing says "life of privilege" like being miserable in a luxury box at a racetrack, and talking shit on people three feet away. Not surprisingly, Tamra (perhaps the only technical "housewife" on the show) made fun of the other women for being chubby. Surprisingly, though, she hated on fellow castmate Gretchen for being "attention seeking"... all while displaying two very large, fake breasts.


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What was the big secret the one lady's son had? I just remember seeing a commercial where she was crying and saying "I'll know you'll make a good dad one day!" I could've sworn that kid was gay. Is he having a child?