Behold the Grossest, Perviest Picture American Apparel Has Ever Posted

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American Apparel has outdone itself.

We pretty much already know that American Apparel advertising is nothing more than what it would be like if Terry Richardson could create his own Inception-style world. This is nothing new to the world's porniest retailer and their ridiculously sexualized images of women. But they may have truly reached the apex of Dov Charney-ness with this ridiculously gross and sexist photo.


I'm just trying to figure out what part of your skirt shopping experience involves making sure that when you bend over, you can see enough parts of your butt cheek and vajayjay to be satisfied enough to make te purchase. My mom taught me everything I know about shopping and fitting my clothes properly, but I don't remember the part where she said "now bend over and stick your ass up in the air and make sure you look super HAWT before you buy this cheap jersey knit skirt."


I'm confused about why this is sexist. I am not saying that I would want someone (especially a stranger) to take upskirt pictures, but let's be real here.

The picture is pornographic. Okay fine, I don't find pornographic images to be necessarily sexist, especially in scenarios like this where the model is a consenting adult who is paid for her work.

We can see the model's underwear when she's wearing a skirt. Honestly, if I want to flash my vag to people that doesn't make me a victim of patriarchy. The part about my mom shopping for clothes with me in this article, if anything, reminds me of the way I was constantly told throughout my childhood and young-adulthood that the clothes I wore were "too slutty" which is - in my mind - way more sexist than an image of a woman bending over in advertising.

I am being 100% real here. I have a B.A. in Women's Studies and am working on my Masters, and I honestly do not see how this picture is sexist? I am a feminist, I don't deny that the patriarchy exists at all, quite the opposite in fact. I'm open to learning though, if someone wants to explain the other point of view respectfully.