American Apparel Ads Banned In Britain, Again

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American Apparel has again run afoul of U.K. authorities for its advertising. In 2009, the company was censured for appearing to sexualize a child. Now, eight American Apparel ads have been banned in the U.K. by the Advertising Standards Authority for featuring "gratuitous" nudity and depicting young women in an "exploitative" way. Only eight? [WWD]


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Three people complained to the A.S.A. about David Beckham's ads for his H&M underwear collection, but the A.S.A. did not uphold the complaints because the ads do not feature explicit nudity and noted that because it is an underwear line therefore it is to be expected that the ads will show the soccer star wearing underwear. [Vogue UK]

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More than 107 and perhaps as many as 300 Cambodian garment workers fainted yesterday at a factory that makes clothing for Nike, apparently due to what was described as "a bad smell from glue." Mass fainting incidents are relatively common (and increasing) in Cambodian garment factories due to poor ventilation, crowded conditions, long working hours, and the presence of toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process. [WWD, CLEC]

Nicki Minaj raps about performing at the Versace for H&M show and really, actually sitting with Anna Wintour at the Oscar de la Renta show in her new song "Come on a Cone." "Do a show for Versace / They request me by 9 / And if they don't get Nicki / It just won't be the same," says Minaj. "When I'm sitting with Anna / I'm really sitting with Anna /Ain't a metaphor, punchline / I'm really sittin with Anna / Front row at Oscar De La Renta, posture / Ain't a bitch that could do it, not even my imposter." [YouTube]


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French Architectural Digest made Karl Lagerfeld's Paris home its cover story. Lagerfeld lives in an 18th Century townhouse that, as reported by the New Yorker in 2007, is decorated according to very specific principles. The lower floor contains Lagerfeld's large library and is "furnished with pieces from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as from his Art Deco collection." All the ultramodern furniture and art on the top floor, meanwhile, was made after the year 2000. Lagerfeld says his goal was for the house to feel "like floating in your own spaceship over a very civilized past." [AD, New Yorker]

  • H&M has confirmed that the new chain of higher-end stores it is planning to open will be named "& Other Stores." [AFP]

    The brand Leonard and Maxime Simoens, the young French designer lately rumored to be under consideration for the top job at Christian Dior, are no longer working together. [WWD]

    The upcoming movie Snow White And The Huntsman will have a promotional clothing line. [Rolling Stone]

    British Vogue is hosting a two-day symposium on fashion with public talks from Stella McCartney, Tom Ford, Alexandra Shulman, Lily Cole, Jourdan Dunn, and others. Tickets to all 12 events cost $445 and have already sold out. [WWD]

    Molly Sims and her husband Scott Stuber announced they're having a boy. [People]

    Also having a boy are Alessandra Ambrosio and Jaime Mazur. The Victoria's Secret Angel is due in about four weeks. [P6]

    And now, a moment with Diane von Furstenberg and Yvan Mispelaere, whom she tapped to become the creative director of her company in 2010. Here's how they met:

    DVF:When I met you, you seemed very familiar. I think it has to do with education and upbringing. You are from the north of France and I am from Belgium, and both are very grey places — grey sky, grey surroundings — and a lot of boredom. But we had lunch too, didn't we?

    YM: We had lunch in Paris. And then we walked over to the Isadora Duncan show at the Musée Bourdelle. I was watching you watching things — seeing what you looked at — and you were watching me.

    Von Furstenberg also says, "I do a very good imitation of Valentino. I can do a very good Valentino talking to Giancarlo," meaning Valentino's partner, Giancarlo Giammetti. [FT]



Presuming that those AA ads contain adult women and are in fact the banned ads in question.. what on earth is any more sexually exploitative about those photos than any other woman's lingerie ad? They seem a lot more tame than this 2009 ad for British brand Agent Provocateur.