Beastie Boys to Girls: Get Your Own Damn Song

The Beastie Boys are threatening to sue GoldieBlox because the toy company used a parody of the Beastie Boys' song Girls in their awesome video showing little girls using an enormous Rube Goldberg contraption to turn off a shitty princess TV ad. Along with Universal Music, the Beastie Boys sent a letter to GoldieBlox threatening a copyright infringement claim. GoldieBlox decided to strike first, and has filed for a declaratory judgment in California, saying that their version is a parody and it's protected fair use.

As much as I love the Beastie Boys, the lyrics to the original Girls are pretty wack:

The Goldiebox ad beautifully parodies the original song, and I love the girls singing the lyrics. Catchy as hell. That song always bothered me, and now I love it. Beastie Boys should be thanking these GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!


[via Techdirt]

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But how hard is it really to ask? To cover your bases and to honor and respect that someone else worked hard on it first before you rip it?

I understand there is also a monetary issue at play here when you make such an endeavor but honestly there's always the chance that the artist will be excited to be attached to the product/whatever that they won't have an issue.

It's crap, but it's not on the list of unpredictable things that happen when you do this.

Also, yes the original lyrics are gross, but one of the things I have enjoyed most about the Beastie Boys is watching them grow up.