Bare-Breasted Ladies Of FEMEN Beat Ukranian Execs With Branches

Illustration for article titled Bare-Breasted Ladies Of FEMEN Beat Ukranian Execs With Branches

The Ukranian protest group FEMEN — known for organizing topless demonstrations against sexism, sex tourism, and whatever else is going wrong — is at it again. This time, the ladies showed up at the opening ceremony of a huge internet convention and, while chanting "internet without censorship," used bunches of twigs to hit dudes. Don't worry — according to this report, the FEMEN protestors "also occasionally beat each other." More here. [NSFW]

This Week In FEMEN: The Topless FEMales Beat Ukrainian Internet Execs With Oak Branches (nsfw). [Copyranter]

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Can you guys please put a trigger warning on things like these?

My uncle died this way.

Granted, he was 87 and nearly dead anyway and paid sixteen topless women to beat him to death in time with his favorite John Philip Sousa recording, but still, it was traumatic. And, as you can probably guess, it was the seventies.