Barbara Walters Pisses Off Everyone During Hunger Games Screening

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Barbara Walters attended a screening of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire last night where she pissed off the rest of the audience because she was "screaming" questions at the four assistants she brought, repeatedly asking, "Who's that?" and "What's going on?"


I don't know why people were complaining. It sounds like the most hilarious movie-going experience since the dinner fart scene in The Nutty Professor.

"Every time someone came onscreen, she'd say out loud, 'Who’s that?' Then an assistant would fill her in," says our source. "She even asked, 'Is that Jennifer Lawrence?,' which is weird considering she was probably watching the movie in preparation for an interview."

She was described by other audience members as "rude and entitled" and relied on her four assistants to wipe off her glasses and walk her through the plot.

"She couldn’t understand any of the plot twists and would ask ‘What’s going on?’ every five seconds. It was crazy. Even when characters reappeared on screen after having shown up 20 minutes earlier, she’d be like, ‘Who’s that?’"

To be fair, the lady is 84. It's very possible that she wasn't "rude and entitled," but genuinely confused and in need of lots of help with simple tasks. But she's a national treasure, so it's more comforting to think that she's an asshole instead of a feeble old lady.


Rich Juzwiak

Barbara Walters was at the press screening of Gravity I attended. She sat about three rows in front of me and didn't say an audible peep. I was very tempted to approach her on the way out because I thought a pic with her would make for a great Instagram. I felt self-conscious about doing that with my peers, though.

Mostly I was disappointed that she didn't sit next to me because I wanted to see her in the insane 3D glasses we were given for the screening. I love this woman. She's only getting better with age.